We value personal intimacy with God. Therefore, we encourage each other to pursue God for themselves through prayer, worship and studying the Word.

We value worship. Therefore, much of our time is spent singing songs of praise and worship to our Lord and we encourage a life style of worship in all things.

We value the Bible. Therefore, we are a church that seeks to teach from the Bible in a way that is practical, exciting, challenging, and applicable to our everyday lives.

We value sharing what we have found. Therefore, we are excited about outreach. We desire newcomers to feel welcomed and comfortable. We seek to encourage and train our congregation to effectively share the good news about Jesus to those around them.

We value relationships. Therefore we encourage all our members to get involved with others, for growth, discipleship and friendship.
We value quality. Therefore, we try to focus on doing a few things well as a church. We will not start new programs or projects until we are sure we can do them well.

We value participation. Therefore, everyone involved in the church is encouraged and helped to discover an area of involvement for them. It is our belief that "every member is a minister" and that the church functions best when everyone is participating.

We value children.Therefore, our children's ministry is one of our highest priorities. We invest time and talents to ensure that our children and young people have as high a quality of ministry offered to them as the adults do.

We value discipleship. Therefore, we will be teaching of the Word of God with a life-application slant to allow it to change people's lives, and teaching true transformation to the character of Jesus. We seek clear, accurate, Biblical teaching and the equipping the saints in areas such as discipleship, ministry, serving, giving, finances, family, etc.

We value ministry. Therefore, through prayer, we seek to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit in operation, we seek to minister to those in need and to those who are broken, and to see the Holy Spirit working in people's lives.

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