Lexicon House 

Lexicon House is a dedicated Ministry House located in Sabana West, San José. It operates as a partner to various ministries by providing meeting rooms, telephone and fax services, and other support-type functions, to aid the cause of Christ by making life easier for these hands and feet of the Lord. 



Lexicon Lending Library

The Lexicon Lending Library is an English-language lending library dedicated to serving Christ by ministering to the English-speaking population through excellent reading material available for loan. Approximately 75% of their reading material is secular and 25% is Christian. It currently has over 7000 volumes, and is opening branches in other parts of the country.
Lexicon Lending Library serves the work of Christ through it's servant mission, through personal counseling, prayer and ministry on the part of the staff with the library patrons, and by providing a source of contacts for other ministry opportunities.
There is a small yearly fee for the use of the library which is open on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9AM to 4PM. Tel. 2291-4383. For further information: Email info@lexiconlibrary.com and www.lexiconlibrary.com  

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