Harvest Vineyard is a small community of multi-cultural, English speaking  Christians who meet in the central valley of Costa Rica with one common purpose - to love God with all our hearts, all our minds and all our strength.

When you come to our church, you will find us taking time to fellowship with each other. We believe that talking and catching up with one another is an important part of our Sunday celebration.

Our times of worship are opportunities to express our heart-felt love of our beloved LORD who loves us more than we can imagine. We do that through contemporary worship music, with the occasional traditional-style hymn as the worship leader is led. We use CDs most Sundays, with live worship approximately once a month.

 Because the Bible is God's primary means of speaking to us, we spend time during every service looking at the Word. We are committed to be teachable, to apply what the Word teaches, and to continue to grow in discipleship.

Our primary way to communicate with God is through prayer. Time is spent in every service to praise God for what He is doing and to place our needs before Him. The whole congregation participates in this precious time, including the children.

Just as children were extremely important to Jesus, so they are to us. We have a gifted and dedicated teacher who shows the children how to develop their own personal relationship with Father which goes hand in hand with what the adults are learning.

Our congregation of 30-40 people is presently led by a service leadership team who are excited about growing together as part of the Kingdom of God. The love of God is too precious to keep to ourselves, so we encourage giving it away. Someone once said that because of the expatriate nature of the English speaking community in Costa Rica our church is like a train station. People come, stay for a time - giving and receiving - then move on. It is our prayer that those who come through this "station" will worship God passionately, deepen their own faith, have more to minister to others as they move on, and also leave us stronger. 

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